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Democracy is a form of government in which the citizens choose the people who govern them as opposed to autocratic form of government, in which the citizens have no say in choosing the leaders who govern them.In a democratic political system, the government is chosen by the people that work for the people. The term democracy originates from the Greek dēmokratía "rule of the people", which was coined from (dêmos) "people" and (kratos) "power" or "rule" in the 5th century BCE to denote the political systems then existing in Greek city-states, notably in Athens.

The main benefit of democracy is that every eligiblecitizen regardless of race, religious belief or gender has the same political rights as each other. People living in a democratic society are protected from oppression by laws and limits on governmental power. Democratic governments put laws into place to protect their citizens and to ensure a safe and fair society. The people who lead a democratic country have to obey the same laws as everyone else.

The essence of democracy lies in the welfare of the society. Democracy brings stability and facilitates development and social changes. Democracy is the best forms of government provided people are educated and they choose the right government. Democracy can provide for changes in government without violence. In a democracy, power can be transferred from one party to another by means of elections. The jurisdiction of the citizens of a nation determines its ruling authority. Moreover, any government is bound by an election term after which it has to compete against other parties to regain authority.

This system prevents monopoly of the ruling authority. The ruling party has to make sure it works for its people for it cannot remain being the authority after completing its term unless re-elected by the people.This brings in a feeling of obligation towards the citizens. The ruling authorities owe their success in the elections to the citizens of the nation. They feel grateful towards people. It can serve as their motivation to work for the people for it is the common masses that have complete power over choosing their government. Read More…