Apply for grant

Democracy Foundation recognizes the role of the society in spreading Democracy. We understand that there are many people in the society who have the burning desire and many ideas to spread Democracy  in the world. However, some time they may be constrained by financial, manpower and other resources to fulfil these objectives.

Democracy  Foundation will be happy to extend their full support to those individuals andgroups who have any idea to spread Democracy. The foundation will extend full financial,

manpower and any other resources required by these those individuals and groups. Some of the activities for which we will be willing to allocate grand are as follows:

  1. To undertake research work on Democracy.
  2. To write book and related media on Democracy .
  3. To organize any event which spreads democractic values in the society.
  4. To undertake higher education.
  5. Any other event which facilitates Democracy.

If you have any requirement for grant, please contact us and Democracy Foundation will be keen to extend full support to you.