To fulfil its central objective of spreading democracy, the democracy foundation conducts lectures across the world on the need of democracy for a peaceful, prosperous and progressive world. The foundation has produced a motivational documentary film on the democracy as the key ingredient of freedom, justice and liberty. This documentary film is shown to public to educate them about the important role of democracy to fulfil their personal and national goals and aspirations. The foundation has prepared anattractive and informative Power Point Presentation about the evolution, growth and benefits of democracy along with the roles and responsibilities of the citizens to maintain a democratic nation.

1 DOCUMENTARY FILM ON DEMOCRACY 10 minute Highly motivational film on democracy is shown
2 Lecture :
Democracy -
For a powerful and progressive Nation
30 minute The simple, informative and motivational lecture
on the benefits of democracy
3 Discussion about the current democratic challenges As per time Important democratic issues facing the nation
are discussed
4 Question & answer on democracy and current democratic challenges As per time Audience questions on democracy and current
challenges are answered
5 Feedback on the lecture on democracy As per time People attending the lecture give their feedback on
the lecture
6 Democracy Pledge 1 minute A one minute pledge is taken by all attending
the lecture to strengthen the democracy